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Thoughts on Time Travel

Like a car, a temporal engine would be able to change the speed and direction at which we travel through time. What makes time go faster and slower? Perception and speed, especially the speed of light. We can see back … Continue reading

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Gravity Engine

In the vacuum of empty space, gravity is the main engine that powers movement. I wonder if the mass and force of a ship shaped roughly like a rotating “barbell” would provide the components of a portable gravitational “engine”?  At … Continue reading

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∑ k ^ -n Part 2

My post on ∑ k ^ -n from December could perhaps use some clarifying. If C = 0 or C = 1, the sum is still simple. In December’s post, I used k as a constant and n is more … Continue reading

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Safer Ships

It seems to me that the safest kinds of boats or floating islands would be to use materials that are naturally buoyant, like plastic.  A breached hull would be less catastrophic.  Thin sheets use very little plastic, but we don’t … Continue reading

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Sum k ^ -n

If k is not 1, this is simple.  I’ll have to look and see how that constant denominator d does. For integer n and real k.

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More on Sums With Fractional Exponents

I found these formulas by playing around. I don’t know how to prove them with math. By trial and error I played around and looked for patterns in numbers. I compared calculations with a spreadsheet. Then, when I found the … Continue reading

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Renewable Oil

Except for solar electric panels and petroleum-powered engines, man-made power is produced by heat-powered turbines. This means that wood fires could power turbines as well as wood stoves to produce either electricity or mechanical power. Unless someone can show me … Continue reading

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