Gravity Engine

In the vacuum of empty space, gravity is the main engine that powers movement.

I wonder if the mass and force of a ship shaped roughly like a rotating “barbell” would provide the components of a portable gravitational “engine”?  At a sufficient distance from larger gravitational fields, the would exert a small gravitation force on each other, which would be less than the force of the connecting bar or corridor structure.


I don’t think that changing orbital velocity would change the course at all, and gyroscopes work by using rotation to preserve direction.   Objects that are moving have less friction to overcome than things that are not moving.

Because of the forces involved, it could be helpful to design the connecting corridor to break away without damage to any part, but the problem would then be maneuvering without the “gravity engine.”

Anyway, a dumb idea is often an excellent springboard to a workable solution.


Clarification:  I meant that the two ends of the barbell shape would be rotating around each other.





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