Is this not done? I am doing it. Political science is a branch of science.

I may have seen this elsewhere and it sank deep into my psyche, but nonetheless. Seems to me the simple solution to the Mexican illegal and coerced intrusion is to deduct from foreign aid to Mexico the costs to the American taxpayer of supporting their citizens here.

Actually, there is a simple way to defend our border with Mexico. There are already webcams of the border available to the public. Perhaps we can talk about making this a video game?

I was also thinking about political contributions. Forbidding people from supporting the candidates they choose is contrary to freedom. When candidates take public office, they often put their investments in blind trusts to avoid the appearance of insider trading and corruption. Seems to me blind trusts would work very well for campaign contributions as well. Then candidates would have to decide whom to believe when assured by acquaintances of having made contributions.

Thought provoking comments.

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