Anyone with the least modicum of budget sense understands that disregarding spending limits can only result in disaster. Apparently, ordinary man-on-the-street citizens have more budget sense than our employees in Washington, D. C.

The sensible way to manage a budget is to allocate to each department of the federal government a percentage of tax revenue rather than a dollar amount. Let me count the advantages of this tactic.

Less fighting for budget share, and hence a lower cost of politician’s salaries.

Any budget deficit would be more Visible.

The only way any bureaucracy could increase their revenue would be by raising the income of Americans.

We already have percentage shares of the federal budget, but the sum totals exceed 100%. The simplest impossible solution is to keep all the percentage shares the same and reduce each department’s budget by the percent the total is over 100.

Over the course of the past few years, we have discovered that when things do not make sense, it is because the agenda is hidden.

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