On the Boy Scout thing

An excellent job of putting into words exactly what I was thinking!

Something Fishy

Now, I’m not a male, so I’ve never been in Boy Scouts, nor have any of my immediate family been scouts, so I don’t really care all that much about what the Boy Scouts choose to do or not.

However, I’d like to say why I think that allowing homosexual men to lead scout troops is a bad idea. And it’s not because “eew, teh gayz are icky” or anything like that; I think homosexual men shouldn’t be put in charge of a group of post-puberty boys for the exact same reason I don’t think a woman should be put in charge of them (or a heterosexual man in charge of a group of post-pubescent girls). Sexual tension WILL exist in such circumstances, and the whole point of having sex-segregated groups is to eliminate sexual tension as a social factor.

The whole “gays aren’t pedophiles!!” argument is pointless, by the…

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