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Anyone with the least modicum of budget sense understands that disregarding spending limits can only result in disaster. Apparently, ordinary man-on-the-street citizens have more budget sense than our employees in Washington, D. C. The sensible way to manage a budget … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Something Fishy:
Via Insty, Justine Tunney: The 900 pound elephant in the gamer/sexism debate, is they’re really just attacking autistic people for clumsy social propriety. #GamerGate “Autistic” – in today’s environment of “on the spectrum” – meaning those who…

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On the Boy Scout thing

Originally posted on Something Fishy:
Now, I’m not a male, so I’ve never been in Boy Scouts, nor have any of my immediate family been scouts, so I don’t really care all that much about what the Boy Scouts choose…

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If anything is magic, consistently dendrite inorganic stone would be.

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